Cyber Crime and Prevention

Present time is the era of technology, which made us do everything effortlessly. But technology has brought many drawbacks and shortcomings with it, which compel us to think about it. One of them is the cyber crimes. Today everybody is using mobile phones, laptops and net banking without any problem, but some unlucky people become victims of the cyber crimes.

You must aware of types of cyber crimes which affect your security and money while you use internet. Cyber crime is a harm to your personal details stored in your computer including passwords, pins and important files. Cyber crimes are done by a group of people or individual who uses their talent to hack your information for blackmailing and defaming you. To know about, what technology hackers use to cheat you, go to this link

There are many type of cyber crimes. You must be aware to stay safe while you use the internet. Below is the list of all the types of cyber crimes and you can also learn about, how to stay protected from them on

  1. Online Scams
  2. Phishing
  3. E-mail Bombings
  4. Cyber stalkings
  5. Racial Attacks